Our Lead Services

We provide higher quality customers, for less.

No BS, No Gimmicks, our Lead Generation Program allows your business to begin receiving leads upon signing up. For a lead gen service to work, the business needs to have full control over their campaign; because nobody knows what your business needs better then you.

Here at ServiceHunter – Full control starts for you from day 1. Call us at 1-888-565-1126 or click the button below to set up your new account and start getting more leads to build your business. Within 5 minutes your up and running and the call is free!

The leads you want will begin flowing right to your cell, email, fax and online account (or whichever methods you choose).

  • No term of length contract
  • Monthly Programs or Pay As You Go Programs
  • Self Pausing Feature
  • Profile on National Contractors Directory – 100% customizable
  • Full Lead Management Control For You!

Our purpose is to provide high quality customers on a low, pay-per-lead basis.

What to Expect:

When compared to other lists and advisory services, which can run up to $120 on each lead delivery – and you still have to qualify and then dispute to get your money back – Service Hunter can save your business a bundle.

Nor do you have to worry as much about one customer’s negative review soiling your hard earned businesses reputation. Reviews are important, and we utilize them too, but you can’t please everyone, every time, no matter how skilled and professional your company.

What we offer is a flat, low per-lead price. And we qualify the contact information of each lead before we send you their bid request. The last thing you want to do while on the job site is stop and file dispute transactions. With Service Hunter, we help you keep working.

Your monthly budget is in your control, adjusting it is easy. Just set the total monthly allotment for your lead generation campaign and only pay for the leads you receive. After that point, If we match a new customer to you, we’ll will send a note asking if you would like to accept it.

Our Lead Generation team will do a test call before the campaign goes live. This ensures that everything is set up properly and will walk you through your online account, show you how to make adjustments to your delivery methods, monthly budget, coverage areas etc.

Benefits of Lead Generation

  1. Save thousands in lead generation search/click costs
  2. Cap your budget and stay in control of sales expenditures
  3. No risk! Pay one low flat rate fee per lead delivery
  4. Free online lead management interface to help your growth
  5. Get the highest quality, pre-qualified customer bid requests
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